Non Standard Items

In addition to our standard production, we are able to manufacture to your specific demands. Whether you need one piece, one hundred pieces, or one thousand pieces, we are able to quote to your requirements. Not only can we produce to meet your needs we can also drill holes or chamfer edges to meet your drawing specifications. We can work to tighter tolerances or even larger tolerances if our standard tolerance is too small for your requirements.

In addition to non-standard dimensions, we can also supply in a variety of other tool steel, stainless steel and powder metallurgy grades, which will be accompanied by full certification from our partner mills.

Examples of non-standard items that we have recently produced include the following:

10,000 pieces of 3mm (+0.025/-0mm) x 75mm (+0.2/-0mm) x 300mm (+0.2/-0mm) with a flatness tolerance of 0.1mm per 300mm.

2 pieces of 17.68mm (+0.05/-0mm) x 168mm (+0.5mm/-0) x 2470mm (+5mm/-0) with 18mm diameter holes at 65mm intervals.