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80CrV2 - Now In Stock

We are pleased to add a new steel to our range of knife and tool making steels. 80CrV2  is similar in composition to 1080 steel with additions of chromium and vanadium. It is quite a tough steel with an easier heat treatment that can be completed at home. It also can be heat treated to produce a hamon! We will be keeping stock of 80CrV2 in both 3mm and 4mm thick which has been surface ground so there is no mill scale, in lengths of 700mm and 350mm.

Heat Treatment Info:-

Heat to 840 to 880 degrees centigrade - hold for 5 - 10 minutes
Quench in Oil

Tempering Range (2 Hours):

150 degrees centigrade - 63HRc
200 degrees centigrade - 60HRc
250 degrees centigrade - 57HRc

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