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LC200N (Z-FiNit) - Now Available

We've decided to a new pretty recent development to steels to our range. Made in 2013 LC200N (Z-FiNit) is a nitrogen based alloy by Zapps in Germany. Being a Nitrogen based alloy it is able to have a great corrosion resistance (much better then 440C!). It is heat treatable up-to 61HRc and is a good performing steel, similar to 52100 with little to no chipping. Thin grinds also work very well with this steel! We do recommend that it is subject to cryogenic treatment after quenching to gain maximum wear resistance though. 

We have stocked this at 4mm thick in 300mm and 600mm lengths and will look to add thickness' in the near future! So why not take a look at the current size range! If you need a different width just get in touch!