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Niobium, the element that makes Niolox special!

Niobium, a soft grey transition metal has had a big impact on our Niolox knife making steel. Discovered in the early 1800's Niobium didn't find it's way into steel production until the early 20th century where it has been added to steel production. Niobium has made a big difference, although there is only 0.7% in Niolox! So, what does the Niobium actually do to the steel, well it all starts with the heat treatment! The Niobium when treated forms Niobium Carbide and Niobium Nitride within the structure of the steel, instead of Chrome carbides as you get when you heat treat O1 and D2. The difference is all down to the size of the carbide, Niobium carbide when compared to Chrome carbides are much smaller and tightly packed, which improves the grain structure of the steel, which should give a better edge and wear resistance! But the benefits of Niolox don't end there, because of the high Chrome content at 13% you also get excellent corrosion resistance! 

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