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Steel of the Month - O1

O1 (Werkstoff 1.2510) Tool Steel is our Steel of the Month for January! It is a high grade alloy tool steel which offer excellent wear resistance and holds a tough cutting edge. It is also quite easy to heat treat, and hardens in oil from low temperatures. Although it is not particularly corrosion resistant, proper care of the steel can stop the onset of corrosion. O1 is particularly good if you are looking to make your first knife!  

It is available as both Precision Ground Flat Stock (Gauge Plate) and Precision Ground Diameters (Drill Rod) machined to very tight tolerances ensuring that all the surfaces are de-carb free. We have one of the largest range of standard dimensions available in the UK and we also can produce any dimension that you may require. For more info, why not take a look at our web-shop and see what we can offer you!